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Product Features of Xile Beer

Време: 2020-04-03 Хитове : 62

Heineken Iron King Kong е алуминиево цилиндрично тяло на кутия със зелен кръгъл пластмасов клапан в горния край. Корпусът на кутията се пълни с 5 литра прясна наливна бира, което е еквивалентно на общото количество от 20 кутии обикновена бира. Китайски производители на електрически нагреватели

Unlike ordinary beer products, which are filled with carbon dioxide when they are sealed, "Iron King Kong" comes with a "carbon dioxide compression system". Only when the tank is opened, this system will be opened at the same time, releasing carbon dioxide. You can produce foam, on the one hand, the wine is hydraulically driven out of the jar by the force of gas.

If you can't finish drinking, close the valve, and the carbon dioxide will also stop mixing with the liquor at the same time. In this way, it can be stored in the refrigerator for about one month after opening. It is understood that this "CO2 compression system" is a unique technology of Heineken, which is different from the "fresh packaging" of ordinary large-package beer.

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